Mix-O-Rama Records is dedicated to creating recordings that represent an ultimate picture of the artist's musical vision, and to raise the standards overall in the music industry.

remember say, 15 or so years ago and before, when people had to be able to play their instruments to be considered talented? Nothing beats the real thing.

the idea of here is to bring musicians together, to market their recordings through a common outlet, and to bring traffic to each other by association with a mark of quality.

marketing is a necessary thing in any business, but often in the record industry, marketing seems to preside over the art itself, selling an image over talent.

we here at Mix-O-Rama believe that if the product is good to begin with, a large part of the marketing takes care of itself.

a quality recording of a quality performance need only be heard by and shown to people -on whatever scale- and people will respond accordingly.

no pitch correction, etc.- all the artists must actually do the real thing. we are musicians here, and this is an outlet for us to express that- for both your and our mutual enjoyment. SO PLEASE ENJOY, its the real thing, no compromises.

Mix-O-Rama DOES have national distribution with Burnside, although not all the titles are availible thru this venue. Often times you can get 'em thru the artists website, which is how they are availible here.

The name is like an imprint used for brand recognition, or as a mark of Quality. Mix-O-Rama is all about honestly performed music, good recordings, and helping artists network to the public in whatever way possible.

We feel the public can ultimately decide what's cool, we're just here to point them in this direction....

Any idea is considered.


A commentary by producer Eldridge Goins:

Where does the recording happen?

"I have found that the artist being able to be laid back is most important: to the performance, as well as productivity. So, wherever a balance between relaxation and sound quality can be achieved, that's how and where I prefer to work..."

"So, actually, it happens in lots of places....tracking and mixing are two very different things! We made one record in a cool hotel in Austin, the San Jose... Several houses... any studio, but we usually just cut it on our gear, because we really are used to it, and it really cuts down on overhead. We like our gear! Not that we're afraid to rent or borrow anything..."

"One of the studios- Seven Trees Studio- is out near Bastrop, Texas, in the piney woods. My friend Tree Leom and I have been partners since 1994, when we engineered together at Music World Studio Productions in Dallas. We have gear that we like, and we definitely have our own ways of using it !"

"But, I have long been a practioner of 'guerilla recording'. That is to say, location recording anytime, anywhere, using unusual circumstances to our advantage. Mostly lately, I have been laying rhythm tracks to hi-res digital, getting them perfect on the computer. Then, I use the 24 track deck and JFET pre's to color the sound of the computer recording. This just adds life and a classic tone to everything."

"So, the physical studio building is usually used as a place for post production, and the tracks can be cut anywhere from any iso booth to someone's tool shed. Then, it gets sent out to the mastering studio, usually Jim Wilson (at Yes Mastering)- he knows how i personally mix, and the results are consistent and sound great. You have to check him out!"


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