Brian Keane... I Ain't Even Lonely

Soulful Americana, Keane's writing hits home, and with a voice sweet and real enough to keep you from remembering what kind of music you're listening to. With guest appearances by Carolyn Wonderland, Guy Forsyth, and many other Mix-O-Rama artists, this record is good on the first listen, and totally addictive by the third-It hasn't left the CD player in a couple of months.

"Produced with an affinity for the songs by drummer Eldridge Goins, "I Ain't Even Lonely" sounds as if Keane played it in his head for years before finally laying it down. There's just such an easy grace at work here. May Mr. Keane make many more" — Michael Corcoran, Austin American-Statesman>>hear a track<<

Colin Brooks ... Blood And Water

Kerrville Folk Festival Award winner churns out dark slidey solo acoustic warm up to his forthcoming album, "Water in the Sky" due out sometime in 2005-2006. These songs have a spooky vibe, and the intimate way that they're performed is a truly personal experience. real, real real....

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A Loose Affiliation Of Saints and Sinners (LASAS)... Sessions From The Hotel San Jose. Rm. 50...

featuring Carolyn Wonderland, Papa Mali, Eldridge Goins, Chris McCarty, Guy Forsyth, Gurf Morlix, Sarah Brown, Scott Daniels, Neil Pedersen, Rob Jewett, Scrappy Jud Newcomb. Ranked as the 9th best record of 2002 by NewYork Time Syndicate's John Shelton Van Ivany. UNAVAILIBLE IN STORES, but >HEAR A COUPLE OF .MP3's HERE<

Carolyn Wonderland ... Alcohol & Salvation

Carolyn Wonderland has the goods. A triple threat with her diverse songwriting, soulful vocals, and guitar goddess status - all featured on over twenty CDs, six of which are her releases - she has a pedigree in this business that's hard to match.


Guy Forsyth ... Voices Inside

Dubbed "an American roots musician of the highest order" by Texas Music magazine, Guy Forsyth is something of a musical shaman. As a singer, songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player and bandleader - his goal whenever he steps onstage or into a recording studio is to create magic. "Music is at the core of every religion in the world," notes Guy, "because it allows us to transcend."

The Breathers... Work And Sleep

A new rock band from Austin, Texas, The Breathers come with their powerful, original sound. "Organic, "Heavy", and "Hybrid." Heavy grooves evolve into moody passages, lyrically potent, shifty, and always hanging on barbed hooks.


Rebecca Cole... E.P.

Rebecca Cole offers up a soulful and animated performance. Her influences come from Mahalia Jackson, Eva Cassidy and Bonnie Raitt. Classically trained on piano since age seven, she crafts songs that are lyrically potent and technically strong. Cole has performed in Spain, Texas, Boston and the U.S. Capitol.

E Goins ... MURK E.P.

Some of Eldridge Goins' original music, with him playing all the instruments. Kind of quirky, tinged with samba. There's really no way to BUY it, but you can HEAR SOME MP3's

Alex Henley Band... E.P.

singing, writing and playing a wide variety instruments such as guitar, bass, drums and violin, Alex leads his band deep into the heart of Austin music with groove based blues/funk music.


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